This document walks through the creation of a new order and how it flow through production to the point of being marked as paid. In this document the term ‘service‘ refers to any product an user can order and includes [product_list]

Waiting Assignment (auto)

Service is Ordered

When an sales representative fills out a service and clicks ‘Place Order’ and order is automatically created and the order given a status of Waiting Assignment. If the sales representative has selected a talent, a talent assignment is automatically created and associated with the order.

Roles: Sales Representative
New Order Status: Waiting Assignment (auto)
Emails To: Sales Representative, Producer

Being Created (manual)

Assign Order to Talent

The Producer will review the new order and can accept the requested talent (if provided) and/or assign talent to the new order, Once the Producer as assigned the talent they will move the order to the Being Created status,

Roles: Producer
New Order Status: Being Created (manual)
Emails To: Talent

In Production (auto)

Talent Submits Work Product

When the assigned talent has complete their work they will download their work, They may also add notes to the Producer. Since orders may have more than one assigned Talent, if this the last (or only) Talent, the order is given a status of In Production and the producer is emailed that the order is ready for production

Roles: Talent, Producer
New Order Status: In Production (auto)
Emails To: Producer

Order Produced (auto)

Producer Submits Final Work Product

One the Producer has finished the final product, they will submit the production results (a downloadable file). This will move the order to the Order Produced status and email the Sales Representative who placed the order, that the product is available for download

Roles: Producer, Sales Representative
New Order Status: Being Created (manual)
Emails To: Sales Representative

Order Invoiced (auto)

Invoice(s) are Generated

When the Accountant generates invoices from orders with a status of Order Produced, the order is moved to the Order Invoiced status and the associated Account Owners are email the invoice.

Roles: Accountant, Account Owner(s)
New Order Status: Order Invoiced (auto)
Emails To: Account Owner(s)

Order Paid (auto)

Invoiced is Paid

When an Account Owner pays their invoices, the associated orders are moved to the Order Paid status

Roles: Account Owner
New Order Status: Order Paid (auto)
Emails To: None