As an Account Owner all your tasks are under the My Account menu entry. Visiting that page will show you a list of what you can do. As an Account Owner your primary task is to review and pay invoices.


Task/Action you can take


You can review orders placed by members of your group under the “Orders” tab. You can review the order details by clicking on either the order number or the “View” action button. If your order has been completed, there will be a “Download” button where you can download the output from the order.


Under the “Downloads” tab, you can see all your groups available downloads. Note that downloads are available only available for a limited time. Click the button in the download column to download the results of your order. If the producer has included a note about your download you can view it here.

Your Group

As a account owner you are the head of a group. Under the “Your Group” tab you can review your groups members. If you have any open invites you can see them here. You can also invite new members to your group. Note these new members can place orders on your behalf which you will be invoiced for.


At the start of each month, you will be sent an invoice for any orders completed prior to this month. This tab shows the invoices for your group. You can pay your invoice by clicking on the title in the “invoice” column.

Account Details

Under the “Account Details” tab you can review and edit your name, how your name is displayed, your email address as well as change you password.


Clicking the “Logout” tab will log you off the website.